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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vacation (part 1)

Assalamualaikum and hello to everyone!
First of all.. May Allah bless people who in mission to Gaza... May they have a lot of strength... they're so brave! Alhamdulillah

It is very important to take a vacation if you want to beat the stress. Especially with the highly pressurizing job profiles (though as a student or if you just want to have a great getaway) that exist nowadays a good vacation can be a great stress buster for all.
Ok..ok.. actually Cbah asked me to join her to have a vacation.. and I'm so happy.. duh! Don't you want to go some places and have fun.. hehe
This is an old story.. so be kind with me and enjoy!
٩(̾•̮̮̃̾̃̾•̃̾)۶ p/s: this is very long post because of a hundreds (?) of pictures and less sentences.. haha gila rajinnyer

18th November 2008 (I feel so old..haha)

two happily people going to Pulau Pangkor
Cbah is a F1 driver wannabe =)
in the ferry

it's my turn when we arrived at Pulau Pangkor. pemandu jelita? wakakaka...

after check-in, we have some lunch. Cbah is a big fan of ayaq nyoq

then we drove around the island. turn out to be just about 15 min haha..

we stop by at this place to photograph a beautiful sunset. Cool! though at this time Cbah didn't have her dslr yet. and mine? didn't know when will my dream come true.. huhu =(

at cyber cafe. searching info for our next place =)

waiting for our dinner (tapau aja.. lagi best lepak+makan kat chalet)

Cbah & pink scooter

those are beautiful! heh.. rambang mata

dinner for two

important thing =) rip toshiba.. Cbah, did you miss your laptop?

Ok that's for day 1.  This is my first time going backpacking vacation with my friend. How wonderful... argh.. really miss those moment. All this pictures bring back the sweet memories...
see you in part 2 =)


naseebah (asfal awliya') said...

i miss dat much...hmm..walaupon hidupku dilangkawi..i xrasa langkawi sesuai utk tempat membina hidup..walaupon tempat kerja i best.. next week i'm going to have second vacation with sumone..important person..after u..anis..and liza..hehe..mungkin nanti i post gambar tu..kat blog ek..tgk keadaan..rindu kat laptop syg dekat compact..hehe..mcm rindu dekat kekasih lama walaupon dh ada kekasih baru..muahaha..rindu ayer skang dh tak sentuh ayaq nyok..huhu..skang ni ayer suamja dimanapun daku makan..hhe..kita kena jimat duit.. demi masa depan..oh masa depanku.. skang ni i asih di seremban..i'll be back to my penang on monday subuh...wait 4 me sayang..

Noorhasmira said...

okeh... no prob.. apa2 pun, semoga u sentiasa hepi.. ok


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