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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vacation (part 2)

meet me and cbah (again) hehehe
ok I will continue the 2nd part of our vacation =)

19th November 2008
our 2nd day in Pulau Pangkor

early morning. this is where we stayed

Princess of Pulau Pangkor

it should be a video here... but I can't find it... this is so sad =(

our ride

~di tepi pantai yang indah~

jiwang-jiwang sket

nothing much here

the shop

both of us at Dutch Fort

the view

met with this cute little girl playing all alone

tak pi pun kat sini.. jauh tuh.. 1km haha

remember to always bring your super power plain water =) hehe

I'm so in love with this picture

fun with some seashells and corals

 showing some creative side of me ( ??? hehehe)

that's all our activities in Pulau Pangkor

Good bye Pulau Pangkor!

waiting for our 'Si Comel' to arrive here... before heading to our next place

ok that's all for 2nd part. 
see you on 3rd part of our vacation...

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