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Friday, June 15, 2012

Tips 1 : HOME

Assalamualaikum.... hai! Good Morning!!!!!!! =)

Do your towels feel rough after a wash? (YES!)
I just flipped my old magazines and found out about this awesome tips to save the softness of your towels. hehehehe 
(this tips are not apply to your old towel. Some very old or very stiff towels may be too far gone; in that case it's better to recycle them and get new ones.duh!)

So, Okay.... Firstly, make sure you only buy good-quality cotton towels as they are the softest. 
Avoid using fabric softener as it coats the fibres and decreases absorbency. 
Always use the recommended amount of detergent, rinse well and tumble dry on medium heat or hang towels on the line, but don't let them over-dry.
Once dry, shake them out, fold and store in an airing cupboard.

So simple =)

Ok, Have a nice day! 



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